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Available Services

Psychiatric Assessment & Treatment

At Talking Tails we provide a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. This includes a psychosocial holistic opinion, and at the same time, extensive diagnostic and pharmacological expertise.

Family Therapy

Family dynamics can be complex and challenging. Our family therapy program is here to help you navigate difficult family situations and improve communication and relationships.


Depression can often be overwhelming and debilitating. We can help you to develop insights to work through your depression and regain a fulfilling existence. 

Neurodevelopment Disorders

We offer extensive experience and expertise in the evaluation and management of ADHD, ASD and other neurodevelopment difficulties across the lifespan.

Animal Assisted Therapy

We believe in the power of animals to provide emotional support and healing. Our animal assisted therapy program harnesses the bond between animals and humans, providing a holistic approach to healing.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be overwhelming and interfere with daily life. Our anxiety treatment program offers a range of techniques to help you manage and reduce anxiety, working towards a more fulfilling life.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction can be a challenging and isolating experience. Our addiction recovery program provides support and resources to help you overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

Distress in other domains

Including but not limited to - abuse, bullying, intrusive thoughts, low self-esteem, challenging behaviours, panic attacks, relationship issues, self-harm, sexuality/gender identity, stress, suicidal thoughts, PTSD and work related issues. 

Eating related issues 

Our psychiatrist is fully accredited with ANZAED and is able to work with you on the full range of your complex and debilitating difficulties.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma can have a lasting impact on your mental health and well-being. Our trauma therapy program is designed to help you process and heal from traumatic experiences.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief and loss is a difficult and painful experience. Our grief and loss counselling program is here to help you process and heal from any loss experienced.

Therapy Dog Corporate Visits

Our therapy dogs can visit your office for a 'woofing workday'. They will share a paw, listen with a floppy ear, and interact with you to promote joy, alleviate worries, and create an enjoyable and enriching atmosphere, enhancing social interaction and reducing feelings of social isolation.

Balancing Rocks
Balancing Rocks
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