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Talking Tails

Animal Assisted Therapy 
& Psychiatry 

Welcome to Talking Tails : Where Every Voice Matters

Our Therapy Programs

Tailored Programs for Your Needs

Our therapy programs are designed to enhance mental health treatment and support our clients with their unique mental health needs. We offer a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to meet each individual's specific circumstances. With animal assisted therapy, we provide an environment that encourages connection and understanding in a safe and supportive space.

Dog on Carpet
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Our Animal Partners

The Best Therapists Have Tails

At Talking Tails, we believe that mental well-being is vital for the overall health of individuals. That's why we offer holistic mental health services through animal-assisted therapy. Our certified and experienced team is here to help you work through any challenges or difficulties you may be facing.

We are especially proud of our four-legged therapist, a beloved dog named Beau who is able to provide comfort and support to our clients. So, if you're looking for experienced mental health providers, come visit us and Beau at Talking Tails.

Our Team

Compassionate and Experienced Professionals

Talking Tails is a mental health provider, dedicated to delivering personalised, comprehensive mental health care to individuals and families. Our team of clinicians consists of an experienced child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist as well as a credentialed mental health nurse.

We create individualised treatment plans that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our goal is to support those we work with to identify and manage their mental health issues. We strive to promote mental wellness and create an environment of understanding and respect through evidence-based practice and animal-assisted therapy.

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Locations & Hours

Book a Session
0434 554 630


Samford Community Hub

2204 Mount Samson Road

Samford Valley

QLD 4520

Office Hours

Mondays - 8am - 3pm

Tuesdays - 8am - 4pm

​​Saturdays - 8am - 4pm

Various evenings

*Sessions are by appointment only.

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